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Fortify your digital life like a PRO!

Discover the easy way to secure password habits

If you are looking for a simple but robust solution for your password headaches, you've come to the right place.

You probably won't find a simpler password solution than Lifekees. But make no mistake.. it's a real heavyweight champion behind the scenes.

  • Seamless Military Grade Encryption (AES-256) means you don't have to worry about anyone getting access to your data. Including us!
  • Drowning in passwords for work, your kids, all those digital services? Organize them in groups and breath a sigh of relief
  • Rest assured your passwords are always backed up securely in the cloud, seamlessly synchronised every time you use the app
  • Turbocharge your access speed with fingerprint or Face ID from all your devices whether you are offline or online.
  • Friends need the password for your wifi? Beam it right over!
  • Create bulletproof passwords at the touch of a button.. Or let the password strength meter guide you to make your own!
  • No complicated payment plans or annoying subscriptions!
    Try for free, purchase once, use for life!

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Is Lifekees for YOU?

Sometimes there's strength in simplicity as thousands of Lifekees users can testify to. But our minimalistic approach also means that Lifekees will not fill in your passwords for you.

This allows us to offer you a high quality intuitive password app without a learning curve, at a cost effective price.

And besides, you too may come to appreciate that Lifekees doesn't remove one of the few opportunities we have left in modern society to practice memory recollection and stay sharp!

.. But Lifekees is always there, should you forget.

So if you think Lifekees is for you, you can kick start your new secure password habits in just 5 minutes and get on with your life with peace of mind.

It's free to try, and right now we have a special offer, 50% off, for lifetime Lifekees Pure Membership, solving your password headaches for life.

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Lifekees password app features aes256 encryption
Lifekees Password App also relies on SSL
Lifekees password app uses pbkdf2 key strengthening

Lifekees Features

Don't be fooled by its simplicity, this little app packs a punch!

Peace of mind with real Military
Grade Encryption (AES-256)

Lost your phone? Rest assured you always have a backup in the cloud!

Access your passwords
from any web browser

Organize your passwords
conveniently in groups

Generate bulletproof
passwords with a tap

Lifekees Password app Features

Always accessible, wherever
you are! Also when offline

Share passwords with colleagues, friends & family

Access your passwords fast using fingerprint authentication or Face ID

Separate business phone? Don't sweat it, Lifekees syncs all your devices

Not sure about a password? The password meter is here to help

Security meets Minimalism

The Lifekees password manager is built to give everyone the means to secure and safe password usage. It's simplified user experience can be engaged by people of all technical levels and industrial strength encryption keeps your data safe and private.

Browser Access

Access your passwords through any browser anywhere in the world.

High Security

Military grade encryption keeps your passwords accessible only with your secret Lifekees master password.

Always in sync

Lifekees password manager always keeps your passwords syncronized across all your devices

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Pricing | Lifetime Pure Membership

Right now, we have an outstanding limited time offer for you as part of our version 1.3.x launch campaign.

With Lifetime Pure Membership, you get unlimited password storage, on all your devices.. forever! Its that simple..

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  • One purchase and goodbye to password worries for life!
  • Unlimited storage & unlimited devices
  • Not sure you want to lay down an extra monthly payment for a password manager? Then this offer is for you.. No subscription headaches!
  • No complicated payment plans!
  • Risk free! Try free now to make an educated decision.

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